I just want a job…

I am applying for graduate schools…..again…..and I don’t know if I should get my doctorate or not.  Odds are, I am much more employable as a teacher with a doctorate, but, am I less employable as a player with a DMA?  Should I just go for the GPD or the AD, and forget about getting a doctorate?  Am I doomed as a player if I pursue the “academic side” of music.  My friend always says “God forbid we treat this as an actual profession instead of a labor profession.  I mean, it’s too bad you can’t be good at your job, AND know a lot about it.”  Which, he’s right… but am I committing professional suicide by getting a doctorate?  Does it really matter in the end if I have a doctorate, if it means I play really well?  Aren’t I allowed to audition for ensembles just the same as everyone else?

I ask these questions, because I wonder if it really is just me, or if it is this cosmic battle between professional musicians,and professional wanna-bes?  It’s important to me, to be able to play well, regardless of whether I have a piece of paper that says GPD or DMA.  I don’t think it should matter to anyone else either.  Am I going to have to lie on all my resumes and say I just have a masters, just so people will hear me?  I hope not.

I’m applying to Grad Schools regardless, and I guess I can make my decisions after I get all the paper work back….until then, we will just keep questioning.

I’ll keep you posted…. 🙂


One thought on “I just want a job…

  1. (FYI: my eyes go buggy with the black background! I have to switch it in order to read. But I’m old, so there’s that.)

    I have never heard that *having* a doctorate means you won’t be accepted to audition. Most auditions are behind the screen for at least the first round, so no one will have a clue who you are. If you make it to finals I doubt anyone would say, “Well, she was the best, but she has a dreaded doctorate!”

    Truth be told, I feel looked down upon at the uni because I only have a bachelors’. So there you go.

    Maybe no matter what you are doomed?! 😉

    But don’t lie about what you have. THAT can definitely come back to haunt you!

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