Single White Graduate Student seeks program…..

Doing this two years ago was a breeze.  I was so excited to go to grad school, get my masters, and be amazing.  Now it’s literally two years later, and I grow ever more nervous for my future.  Now I am applying for Doctoral programs, and my list of demands is longer, and well…..more demanding.  I want a good teacher….no….strike that, I want a GREAT teacher. Someone who is going to teach me how to play the bassoon, and demand nothing less from me than the most I can give.   I also want a program that is immersed in new music as well as the standard.  I want a teacher who is willing to dial back and say, “let’s look at what’s really going on.”   I want a program that is encouraging and uncompromising, all at the same time.   I am looking for a place where students are excited to be, and where I can count on the programs to cater to the different ideas of each student.   I am looking for the super program!  Can anyone fill this want ad?


3 thoughts on “Single White Graduate Student seeks program…..

  1. Hey, found you via Patty’s Oboeinsight page – I’m a lowly oboist but my BFF went to Carnegie Mellon and studied bassoon with Nancy Gorez (got his masters), she is the bomb if she’s still there. Of course Curtis is great cuz you don’t pay…

  2. Thanks guys! Unfortunately, Curtis, nor Carnegie Mellon offer Doctoral programs! Guess I missed the boat? lol And, don’t worry, we accept lowly oboists here 🙂

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