Warming up for the Race

::Special Note::  Most of the blogs for the next several months are going to be about my life through the audition process.  I plan on being incredibly candid…and I plan on complaining, and being incredibly self important, as blogs tend to go.  But, I also intend on being incredibly honest.  I am auditioning for MSM, NEC, UMD, UNT and Stony Brook.

The grad school scramble has began for many of the people here at Peabody.  Everyone trying to get in their apps, papers, audition materials, et al. into schools, symphonies, and our ever-demanding professors.  🙂  And, I can’t help but think (maybe it’s the gaping hole in my checking account)  that these Colleges are milking us for all we have.  I spent $500 on applications this year.  JUST applications.  This is the “thanks for letting me audition” money.  This isn’t counting the amount of money it’s going to take to get to the auditions!  AND the fees they will charge for an accompanist.   When did schools all of a sudden start asking for accompanists for auditions?  Do you really need to hear me with my accompanist for you to assess how well I play?

I really think the whole thing is this big hoop, lit on fire, set 30 feet off the ground.  I suppose this is just me, jumping through the hoop in my tired, fuel-less motorcycle.  Oy.  All of it is just to weed you out….How badly do you really want to go to the conservatory you’ve been dreaming of going to your whole life?  $100 bad…that’s how bad.  How long have you been dreaming of getting a doctorate?  $500 long…that’s how long.

All in the name of pursuing our dreams, yes?

On the bright side, Auditioning for 5 schools brings me closer to that dream.  And I get to audition for some awesome people!  I mean, the faculty at MSM is amazing.  Martin Kuuskmann is possibly my idol.  And then Frank Morelli…I don’t think I would have a complete bassoon recordings collection without his sound in it.  Oh his sound…ohhhh goodness…I want it.  And of course, the whole bassoon studio faculty at NEC is incredible!  I mean, who wouldn’t want to study with members of the Boston Symphony?

I will continue stretching, scrambling, and warming up for what I consider to be the most exciting 6 months of my life 🙂 (so far)


5 thoughts on “Warming up for the Race

  1. I hear ya on the ridiculous costs of grad school applications. I spent at least $200 to take the MCAT, $80 for my school to write a committee letter about me, $600 to send out a general application to the med schools, and, when all is said and done, at least another $1000 for individualized medical school applications. All of this before the costs of traveling to schools for interviews. And paying to secure my spot in a class.

    In short: I feel your pain.

  2. That’s quite a ‘laundry list’ of fees! Still, I could feel the excitement of it all in your writing, along with your passion for the goal. Reading about it all made me feel a little younger (or at least inspired a vague recollection of what it was like to feel younger). 😉

    Again, best of luck!

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