Project: Maryland

The first audition up is January 22nd, 2010.  University of Maryland.

I chose the University of Maryland for a number of reasons.  It’s a good school, and the teacher, Sue Heinemen, is great.  I’ve already had a lesson with her, and I know what I am in for, if I go study with her.  Also, while I am attending Peabody Conservatory now, the proximity to another good school was too good to resist.  It would have been silly of me not to audition there.

The mission, if I wish to accept it: (taken straight from the UMD website)

Master of Music, Doctor of Musical Arts

  1. A first movement of a major concerto or similar work
  2. Three-five standard orchestral audition excerpts (only required for those auditioning for Orchestral Assistantships)
  3. Other repertoire (which may include solos, etudes, or excerpts) of the auditionee’s choice, if needed, to fill out a program of 30 minutes for the MM and 60 minutes for the DMA. Selected portions will be heard

So, here’s the plan.

I have 24 days to complete said rep, before the audition so, wish me luck!


Ravel; Bolero, Stravinsky; Rite of Spring, Strauss; Death and Transfiguration, Tchaikovsky; Symphony No. 4, Rimsky-Korsakov, Scheherazade.


Mozart; Bassoon Concerto K191, first movement with self-written cadenza (yay!)  I wish I could write an atonal one…but PK would probably frown on that.

Francaix; Divertissement for Bassoon

Piazzolla; Le Grand Tango for Cello and Piano.

Carter; Retracing for solo bassoon ( I may change this one soon….keep you posted)

I hope this all works out to the best of my abilities….24 days is a short time, but most of the excerpts are already worked up.  Time flies fast, though!


2 thoughts on “Project: Maryland

  1. “self-written cadenza”… Awesome! I can’t say I’m familiar with much of the repertoire (what can I say… I was a Liberal Studies major (smile)). I am familiar with the excerpts though, and loved the choices, especially the Stravinsky. Best of luck!

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