Oh the Butterflies…

Lots of thoughts are running through my head, and I hope you can make sense of them all.

My night before the first audition has not gone well.   To top the list of ridiculous things that have happened, my left wrist hurts.  A lot. I think it’s from carrying the amazing contra around.

Remind me to never tell another school that I can play the contrabassoon (quite well, I’ve been told), or anyone for that matter.  Let’s keep it between us.

My chair fell apart today.  I spent 30 minutes of prime practice time trying to piece it back together.  Basically, the seat fell off the rest of the chair.  oy.  Fixed that.  Then I realized that I HATE my cadenza (see last post) for the Mozart, and that I am just going to use one out of a book.

Also, my high note reed, that played that high E with the most awesome sound ever….yeah…it looks like I am going to use my exit strategy on the Carter piece.

Now, I find out it’s supposed to snow tomorrow.  AWESOME.  This day just get’s better and better.

This is either going to be the greatest audition, or a complete disaster.  Having to take the 10:00 am test is not helping matters at all.

On the bright side of all of this, it’s the first audition, and I will get it out of the way!   Well, here goes nothing!  Catch you on the flip side.


4 thoughts on “Oh the Butterflies…

  1. Hey … I’m thinking of you! (And why does your blog say it’s the 22nd, while my computer is saying 21? Am I confused or what?!)

    Auditions … the most ridiculous things ever. Just give it your best shot, and be musical! A first audition is a toughie, but I know you can do it!

  2. I’ve never had the opportunity to play contra-bassoon, though I’ve seen them made, along with their enormous cases, and can probably guess at the hassle of lugging one around (as if lugging around a bassoon weren’t enough of a challenge, as they’re not light either (wince)).

    As for the audition, reeds come and go, as does wood instrument-hating weather. And, though I’m only an amatuer, I’d advise not thinking of this as your first audition. This is your one and ONLY audition, and you’re going to NAIL IT, DAMMIT! 😉

  3. Awwww! Thanks you two! You guys are awesome.

    Patty, my computer says that you posted your comment at 3:47 am on Jan 22….So, it’s weirding me out too….

    Thanks Nunes! Trust me…the contra is no fun to push around!

  4. Somewhere on wordpress you can set your time zone and all. I’m guessing it thinks you’re in some place like China or something!

    Or you’re just ahead of your time. There’s always that possibility. 🙂

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