Aftermath: Maryland

My first Audition — UMD — was yesterday.  Precluded by the night before’s disastrous happenings, I was determined not to have that continue into yesterday morning.  And while the morning wasn’t completely disastrous, it did, in fact, have a certain murphy’s law quality to it.

I made it to UMD around 9:05 am. The test I wanted to take was at 10:00 am.  For those of you who don’t know, UMD’s campus is HUMONGOUS. I mean, two stadiums, Union Center, lots of grass and parking lots, and, as I found out, they have their own Marriott at the end of their campus along with a convention center.  It is possibly one of the most beautiful campuses I have ever had the privilege of being lost on.

That’s right.  I was completely, and utterly lost.  They tell you to get on the UM bus and just ride to their performing arts center.  However, the bus I got on, didn’t go even a mile into campus (yep…you read right….1 mile of campus) and so, I decided to walk.  Well….I was freaking lost.  So, I spent an hour wandering around, on the phone, with my friend David, trying to get me to the School of Music.  Finally, David gave me the phone number to the SoM, and I called them.  The campus is so large, that, when I told the girl that answered the phone,  where I was, she didn’t know either. lol.

The rest of the day went rather smoothly.  I didn’t make the 10:00 am test, but, I got a fabulous practice room (with natural light!)  in which I got to practice for a couple of hours!  Then I took the test at 1:00 (which was the easiest test ever)  and then I got to the Audition area.

The audition went fine.  I messed up on a couple things, and a couple things I realized need to be cleaned up a little.  But, such is the audition process.  It was definitely not the worst audition I have ever had, by any means.  I met a couple of bassoonists along the way, and saw a couple of familiar faces as well.  It was a very comfortable audition, and I feel alright about it.  I would definitely not mind going to the University of Maryland.  But, I will definitely need a map first. 🙂


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