When it snows, it blizzards

Well,  YES, I was there when it snowed almost 4 feet in Baltimore, MD.  And it was ridiculous, and it has shut down school for the week.  JHU is down for the week.   So what does this mean for me?  I haven’t had to do anything except practice and make cookies.  But this also means everything has been cancelled, rearranged, and it has made my life that much more ridiculous, precarious, and at times, downright frustrating.  Now I have to spend extra time in rehearsals I didn’t have to be at before.  Boo Peabody.  But, no classes next week, because it is in fact, Audition week.  This means no lessons and no classes, just ensembles.  Yay for practice time!

But Maryland is making it through….snow and all.  The biggest problem is where to put all the stuff.  I think everyone is hoping for a tropical heat wave….but, with it snowing 2 or three more inches in the next week or so, I don’t think we are getting our wish.  Although, Maryland tends to surprise me.  I just wish everyone would stop peeling out, in the snow, in front of my window!  I’m trying to sleep, people!!!

:::AUDITION UPDATE:::All the audition spots filled up at UNT before I could get a spot.  So, instead, I’m auditioning the day before with the fabulous Kathleen Reynolds, who was so kind as to help a kid out, and grant me an audition anyway.  Her email was gracious, and very nice.   I haven’t received an email like that in a very long time.  It was so nice, it made me cry.

UNT is a great school, and I would be happy to go there (not so happy about the Texas part, sorry, if you are from Texas).  Ms. Reynolds seems like a wonderful person, and I have heard nothing but good things from her students and former teachers of mine.  Unfortunately, I don’t own her CD, which I feel like I should.  lol

This day before the original audition date business, also means I have to spend an extra day in Boston

Positive:  I love Boston so much, it hurts

Negative: More money I have to spend on an extra day.

But, my mom is paying for the flights from Bmore to Dallas, and from Dallas to Boston.  So, yay!  At least now I don’t have to find a way to cheaply get from Balty to Boston. Because, that was impossible.

I AM SO EXCITED FOR THESE AUDITIONS!!!!!!!!!  I can’t wait to spend some time in Boston, catch a glimpse of the city, on my own, without relatives.  And I’m also excited to meet these great bassoonists.  Richard Svoboda’s solo in Bolero with Bernard Haitink is epic.  And Gregg Henegar wrote like, THE book on contrabassoon.  I’m totes not worthy.

And then there’s MSM—- My palms are sweaty just thinking about it. I won’t even be able to enjoy NYC.  I’ll be thinking about that audition for Frank Morelli.  I think about that audition every day.   It keeps me going.

Beethoven 4 is still kicking my ass.  I can’t complain though…it’s gotten so much better.  I’m almost proud of myself.  If any of these auditions go half the way I want them to, I will be so proud of myself.  That’s all I can really ask for.


2 thoughts on “When it snows, it blizzards

  1. Best of luck w/the auditions, and enjoy Beantown. I’d luck to back and wander… About all I’ve done is see the USS Consititution (which was awesome, so I shouldn’t complain, but.. Still….). 😉

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