The Complaintist—read at your own risk.

I should be writing more frequently, but alas, I feel as if I have nothing to talk about, and boring you with my trivial day to day is not the goal of this blog.    My life is a big grey area.  Lots of being here, and there, and everywhere in between.  But it’s a good feeling.  It’s another transition in my life. Moving to Texas is like having the rug ripped out from under me and landing on a large feather mattress.  I wasn’t expecting it, but I’m suddenly realizing it’s going to be a pleasant and comfortable experience.

Now, the only thing that is in my mind is work work work! I have lots of new music to learn, and lots of new things to do.  Music by a very good friend of mine,  music I’ve been wanting to play for a long time, plus recital and orchestral music!

Orchestral Excerpts = Bane of my existence. I mean really, they are just a pain in my ass!  You can’t get a job without them though!  Any job, any audition, Marriage of Figaro, Symphonie Fantastique and The Rite of Spring haunt me.  I play the Ravel Piano Concerto excerpts DAILY.  I swear I’ve heard the Haffner Symphony in every bank, store, and post office I’ve walked into.  Strauss seems to be the only ones I’m any good at, and NO ONE will ever hear those in an actual performance.  And Tchaikovsky 4?  Oh how many times have I played that excerpt?  I don’t know….but I have NEVER played the symphony, which I know is a shame.  Yet sometimes, I feel as if excerpts really are the most inefficient, and non efficacy inducing  use of my time. Ever. lol

I also struggle with getting things up to speed!  Especially that last 10 clicks or so.  Maybe it’s because I am really watching how clean it is before I got up to the next click on the metronome, but I really do wish things would go faster. Anyone have any tips, or anything?  *pleading with big, puppy-dog eyes*

Good things come to those who work really hard, right?  *fingers crossed*

Now I get to complain about packing:

HOW DID I END UP WITH THIS MUCH STUFF?  Music?  Clothing?  OY!  Too much stuff!  I mean, I just threw out 6 kitchen bags of trash…. recyclables mostly, but just odds and ends of things I had gathered around my room.  Mind you, I live in a 500 sq ft studio, with ONE closet.   I have literally 15 blankets.  Fifteen!  Why?  lol  It just astounds me.

I am determined to make Texas a brand new start for me (imagine Texas in bright shining letters…lots of glitter), with lots of new people, and good things to do.  I am determined to be a success.  Every once in a while, though, it’s nice to complain to the world.  Thanks guys for reading!


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