My New Year’s Resolution this year: Make better choices, for me.

Because I realized we all have a choice.  A choice to get up in the morning and practice early, or sleep in an extra hour.  The choice to sit down and make reeds, or go have a drink with friends.  A choice to run for half an hour, or play around on the computer for a while.  

And it’s been working for me….mostly.  It has made my practice time so much better!  “Jolene, you can play these finger exercises for twenty minutes, and feel better about your whole practice session….or you can skip them, and feel better for ten minutes, until you start to get frustrated,” I think to myself.  And of course, I have to choose the finger exercises (most recently Piard and Oubradous).  “Jolene, you can practice this passage slowly, and with different articulations, or you can run through it at the right speed…” etc.  

This has become my M.O. for everything now.  It’s made me more methodical in my practicing and reed making, and much better at things like driving, exercising and eating right.  I still have a hard time getting started in the morning.  I just want to lie in bed for five more minutes! And skipping the favorite book to practice is always hard.  But I figure if I keep making better and better choices, that some things will become automatic over time, and I can keep making things better for myself.  

My life is full of my choices, good or bad, and it’s time I start making the right ones for me instead of feeling sorry for myself when things don’t go the way I want them to.  


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