Timing goes a long way.

So I sent in my resume to the Memphis Symphony opening.  I got the audition, and was incredibly excited to take it.  But I had a week and a half left of classes for the summer, and had to write ridiculous papers.  Research papers.  And now I’m moving.  I’ve been practicing a little, here and there, but I just haven’t had the time to make reeds, or feel comfortable getting ready, so I’ve had to rescind my audition to the MSO.  I was so sad to make the decision.  I want so badly to get in there and make good on my hard work, but Life with an evil capital ‘L’  just gets in the way sometimes.

Timing is the worst part of our jobs as musicians.  Sometimes  it’s just not the time for us.  Maybe the next one will be.

I’ve just spruced up my resume for the Utah Symphony job.  It’s all the way in Novemeber, and hopefully  with a little bit of tenacity and brutal force, I can practice enough, and feel prepared enough to make a good showing of myself.


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