Best Bassoon Week Ever. (9/9-9/15)

So, from now on, once a week, I’m going to write a segment of my blog called Best Bassoon Week Ever, and hopefully, at some point, it will form itself into a weekly vlog.  But for right now, this is the format it’s going to be in, because I’m comfortable with it.  Deal?  Deal.

This segment will try to highlight some CDs, compositions, composers, or new things I’ve seen that people may not know about, or I think they should know about that pertain to the bassoon.

So, this week, without further ado….

Polka the Elk.  

Now, if you don’t know who Rachael Elliot is, or what the bassoon project is, I encourage you to go take a listen.   Rachael is also in the super suave Dark in the Song bassoon collective (which I will cover sometime in the future).

Here she is playing Polka the Elk by Padma Newsome, live.  While this piece is obviously “the single” for the album, I personally enjoy the last two pieces on the album the most.

Press Release by David Lang is a rocking, rollicking piece making you wonder how Elliot is playing it with such grace and most importantly, enough air!

The last piece on Polka is called Bed and Rest, is also by Padma Newsome, and is by far my favorite.  The almost indie-song quality about the piece just makes you want to play it over and over again.  It’s contemplative chord progressions and guitar/piano accompaniment, along with the middle-register melody make my heart break.  Not only does the title evoke an ending, but the piece itself is a wonderful dessert to this 5-course meal of an album.

If you buy Polka the Elk, I promise you won’t be sorry.

Most importantly, I don’t want these blog segments ending up being some review of CD’s or music, but as to make my fellow bassoonists (and composer friends) aware that these CD’s and people do exist!  I find so many of my younger colleagues obsessed with CD’s by Christopher Millard and David McGill (rightfully so, they are awesome!), but that never know that these people (Rachael Elliot et al), and their awesome contributions to the repertoire are out there, making music and being amazing role models for a whole new generation of bassoonists, composers, and artists.

Also, it was my birthday last Sunday (9/9), and I made a goal for myself to write a new blog post every week.  This is the result of my brainstorm.  Hope you enjoy (they’ll get better, I promise)!


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