Best Bassoon Week Ever! (9/16-9/22)

Woah.  Things actually happened this week.  Real things!  With real bassoonists!  And it wasn’t even the IDRS convention!

Ok, so, remember last week when I told you about Rachael Elliot? Yeah, so this week, 7 bassoonists (including Elliot) took a little tour with a new piece.  That’s right, Seven.

Rushes by Michael Gordon is a piece written for seven bassoonists Rachael Elliott, Michael Harley, Lynn Hileman, Jeffrey Lyman, Saxton Rose, Maya Stone and Dana Jessen.  Before the piece was premiered, Gordon was interviewed about the piece here.

First of all, many bassoonists probably aren’t that familiar with Michael Gordon.  Because, if you read the article, you will see that he’s never written for bassoon before.  However, if you are new music fan you know who he is, because he’s the co-founder of the Bang on a Can Festival (which is one of the most famous new music festivals in the world. No seriously, check it out) and the Bang on a Can Ensemble.  He also rewrote Beethoven’s 7th Symphony, and premiered that back in 2006.

So now that you are fully educated, here’s Gordon talking about the piece, while we get to hear a little snippet of the music (and apparently, birds).

Well, I think it sounds pretty cool. Obviously, all these bassoonists are up for the job…..because the piece is one hour long.  Of course, it’s like the clips the whole time.  Wonder how I know?  The reviews.


And here.

Well at least the first reviewer was “charmed” by seven bassoons (yep…we’re adorable).  The second reviewer sounds like he evolved, but for the most part, was trying not to fall asleep. Unfortunately for him, his nap was ruined by a woman with a serious case of phlem.

For my part, the snippets I can hear on the preview sound really interesting and well composed, but I can imagine after an hour of trance-like music, it could get old for some people.  I’ll just have to wait for the CD to see how far I get.  (Don’t worry bassoons at UNT, we’ll have a listening party)

At least we know it sounds better than this….

It’s ok….you know I love you, Contrabassoon.



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