Best Bassoon Week Ever (9/23-9/29)

Hola, Bassoonistas (and other less fortunate musicians)! Hope you’ve had a good week!


Many things were downloaded onto youtube this week, but my favorite video had to be this one.

I know nothing about the musicians, the group, or the music, except that I saw contrabass clarinet and immediately clicked.


Bassoonists and other musicians are always asking how I find these musicians, composers, and compositions that I’m such a fan of.  The simple answer: Internets!  The longer, less fun answer:  I look for it.  Everywhere.

One of my greatest assets are my composer friends on facebook.  So when they started posting this list of the Q2’s Top 100 Composers Under 40I took notice.  Not only because they were under 40, but because the people posting it….the people I had known and been in contact for years, were on that list.   I know…that’s just how awesome my friends are.

So I started googling all the people I didn’t know on the list.  A couple people on the list are actually bassoonists and composers (squee!) and just happen to be awesome.

One of those people….the last person on the list….just came out with a new CD this week.

If you don’t know who Katherine Young and her Pretty Monsters are…… well allow me to introduce you…..

This is 100%  love.  Patricia Highsmith is raw, John Zorn-esque punk rock.  I ordered the album on Tuesday when it came out, and I can’t wait for it to arrive.  If anyone is doing avant garde, contemporary, radical things with the bassoon, it’s Katherine Young.  I’ll write a little more about this album once I get it in my hands, but for right now, here’s Katherine a couple of years ago, doing other bassoon things, on her own….


Also this week,  I saw a new video someone posted of Johnny Reinhard playing some interesting things of his own.  Since I’ll be talking about Johnny next week, because y’all need some educatin’ (as they say in Texas), I thought this would be a good video to see.

Johnny Reinhard was one of the reasons I wanted to start writing this blog segment….he kind of changed my like of the bassoon into serious, idolatrous love.  So, I owe him a lot.


I encourage all of you to google some of those composers and see who’s written music you like.  I have a bad habit of skipping over the composers who haven’t written for the bassoon, but I’ve googled them all so many times now, that I know a little bit about each of them.  Please, please, check out Joseph Hallman.  Joseph is a former bassoonist, and one hell of a composer.  I found him when a piece of his was recorded by Pascal Galois (which I have yet to play in a recital…sorry Joseph!).  Also check out David Smooke.  Dr. Smooke was my 21st Century Styles prof at Peabody, and his viewpoint on music gave me a new understanding of the music I play, and the music in my life.  Also…his 21 Miles to Coolville was performed and recorded by Dark in the Song.  


If you like this blog segment, or have any suggestions (because, you know…I don’t know everything), OR you have a composition or recording you want me to feature in this blog segment, please comment!  Let me know!  Find me on twitter @jkmbassoon!



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