Best Bassoon Week Ever! (10/28-11/03)

Hello Baffoony Bassoonies! I hope you had a great week (or two weeks….), because this is the best bassoon week ever!

So, this week, someone at Indiana decided to do a concert of the works of Roger Boutry, which I love! It’s supposed to benefit her dissertation, I think. Anyway. it’s on Novemeber 8th if you live in the Bloomington area and enjoy some serious new music, and some bassoon in the forefront, GO! I don’t know if she’s playing Interferences or not, but I know it’s the most popular Boutry/Bassoon piece on youtube.

Check it out:

Also, now that it is November, I work retail on the weekends, and Christmas music has begun in full swing.

Unfortunately, all of the Nutcracker dances I hear over the speakers at Macy’s are in saxophone quartet arrangements. However, Bassoon Christmases give me solace until January 1st when we go back to Cinemax remixes and top 40.

So I have to tell you all about Brad Balliett. Balliett is a bassoonist/composer living in New York, and not only plays bassoon, writes etudes and other pieces for bassoon, runs his own small chamber series, but he’s also in a hip-hop group and several other ensembles. I came across him while talking with one of the other members of Oracle Hysterical (the hip-hop group) on twitter. You can check out a couple of his classical pieces, and him playing bassoon on a Oracle Hysterical song at his sound cloud. You can also get a print version of his etudes for bassoon, which are pretty awesome, at his website. $30 for the PDF.

And I know I’m supposed to write about Jazz Bassoonists this week, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it yet. I want to read a little more about the history before I start spewing nonsensical things at you about it.

My computer seems to really hate me and this blog right now because it keeps shutting down randomly. So I will leave you with this surreal video.  The school news station decided the reed room at DePaul was their most important feature for the day. I do have to admit though, that I appreciate the reed tree more than I do the various reed gods I’ve been exposed to. It seems so much more harmonious. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, wood to wood…..


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