Best Bassoon Week Ever (11/11-11/17)

Who’s got two bassoony thumbs and is playing new music this week?  Me!  Cuz this is The Best Bassoon Week Ever.

So here at UNT, we hate ourselves, and put almost all of the concerts within two weeks of each other 3 times a semester.  This was one of those weeks.  UNT’s wind symphony played lots of new things (or semi new things) and played Prokofiev’s Symphony No. 5, because apparently, we want to cause permanent ear damage to 8 harpists.

This is a picture of the dress rehearsal my friend Bobby posted on Facebook:

There was even a meme for it.

Anyway…now that it’s over, we have a NOVA (new music ensemble at UNT) concert tomorrow, which is a tribute to John Cage.  If you know what’s going on in the Contemporary Music world, right now, this shouldn’t be a surprise to you, considering everyone’s doing it this year.  It’s Cage’s 100th birthday this year, and everyone is willing to celebrate.

So the director decided to go with some stuff not all by Cage, but by his friends and colleagues, and students.  So I am participating in the Edison Denisov 2 Duos for bassoon and cello, Cage’s “Five”, and a Tenny piece that was dedicated to John Cage.  If you aren’t familiar with Edison Denisov’s piece, don’t worry, neither was I.  But you can find it on this CD which is also on itunes.  The first movement is expressively musical, and quite beautiful.  Very angsty.  The second movement is like a staccato etude with hair pins.  It’s hard to keep that buoyancy going for the whole two minutes.  No break, just tatatatatatatatatatatatatatata for what feels like hours.  My face hurts.

I found some really interesting things on Youtube this week.

I don’t know who the bassoonist is, or the composer, but I like the piece!  You can find the composer on his MySpace page (people still have those?) and on his youtube page.  I may contact him in the next couple of weeks to see if I can get a copy of the piece.

And then there was this……

Watching this video makes me feel lost in a Peter Schickele-induced parallel universe with the Carion Ensemble as my guides.  And my cat doesn’t like it.  Which of course, is the ultimate judgement.  lol

I also found this on a tumblr:

Which I thought was hilarious.

Well, I have to go to dress rehearsal.  Sorry it’s so small this week.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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