Best Bassoon Week Ever! (1/13/13-1/19-13)

Hey Everyone!


I’ve been on hiatus for everything since Christmas.  I ended up having a very time-consuming (but fun) gig that took me out of the loop for all things bassoon.   But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t researching!  I have been searching high and low for the latest and greatest of all bassoon compositions just for your eyes and ears, folks, so lets take time and enjoy the ride…..because this is the Best Bassoon Week Ever!!


So part of the reason I took such a long break was because I had to catch up to myself.  I was starting to run out of material to tell you guys about, and I didn’t know where to look.  So I did some searching, and a couple of composer friends helped, and I found a couple of things that I think you will all be interested in 🙂


Just uploaded this last week is a piece played by the Akropolis Ensemble called Fun Fun Fun Fun by Asaf Peres

Movement I – Back Seat Fun

Movement II – Techno Fun

Movement II – Uncomfortable Fun

Here’s Movement II

I feel like it has a Cantina Band alla Techno vibe….maybe?


Jamie Leigh Sampson  is all of a bassoonist and composer (neither is very easy, as we all know) and writes some great pieces for bassoon.

Frozen Landscape has all the juiciest bits of extended techniques for the bassoon, without seeming out of place, and the title speaks for itself.  Give it a listen.

She lists her other compositions (including bassoon pieces) on her page, though not all have recordings.


I also found a beautiful recording of Donald Crockett’s Extant which is a piece for Solo Bassoon and 8 Instruments recorded by none other than John Steinmetz (another bassoonist/composer) with the Xtet Ensemble.  You can sample it here, but I really would suggest buying it.  The whole CD is really amazing.


And to take us out tonight…I always love to show the bassoon being used in the “real world” and this is as good (?) as it gets.

I don’t know guys….I kinda think they rock.

Have a good week, everyone!







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