Best Bassoon Week Ever! (1/20/13-1/26/13)

Alright everyone, this week may seem like a cop-out, because it’s all youtube videos, but bassoonists were falling out of every nook and cranny this week! Ya’ll are busy people, and are making my life both easy and difficult by giving me too much to work with!  I had to edit out a bunch of stuff.

We have a lot to cover, so bear with me, because….this is the Best Bassoon Week Ever!

First of all, I really try to know what the most prominent contemporary composers are writing/have written for the bassoon, because people are always asking me what they should play.  Which is by far the most annoying of questions.  How the heck am I supposed to know what you should play?  But I always, try to keep a list of pieces in my head that are accessible, but still have that new sound.

How did I not know that this piece existed?  I feel somehow jilted.

Hell’s Angels is a piece by Michael Daugherty.  Can we please do this at UNT?  Concerto competition, anyone?  Come on, guys! 

oh fine…anyway, here’s Part. II of Hell’s Angels

Daugherty has written a few pieces for bassoon. I’m not sure if he played the bassoon, or his daughter plays the bassoon, or something, but he’s written at least a chamber piece called Dead Elvis (Go look it up…it’s a riot), and a duet for two bassoons.

Scott Pool is playing a piece by Miguel del Aguila.  Aguila has written two pieces for bassoon, both are quite beautiful, and have their place in the bassoon contemporary standard repertoire.

Sam Blair, a bassoonist in the Youtube Symphony Orchestra got to go to Australia and do something awesome…..

Would that not be the coolest trip ever?  Play your instrument, travel around the coolest place ever, collaborate with some amazing people…..seriously, totally jealous.

And youtube video of the week is brought to you by Das Fagott Mannschaft, and Eve Angelica.

I have no words…

Have a good week!


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