Best Bassoon Week Ever! (2/3/13-2/9/13)

What’s up Bassoons?  I hope some of you haven’t been snowed in to the point of insanity….well, if you have, surely this blog will brighten your no-school-eat-pizza-and-popcorn-all-day blues, because this is the Best Bassoon Week Ever!

bassoon snow

Let’s talk about what’s happening on Youtube this week…..

Ju Jowsi, for bassoon and electronics

Everardo Gastélum, is a bassoonist in Mexico….I think.  He’s listed on, and it leads to his facebook.  The composer, Ernesto Zavala, is also South American, and has a soundcloud of another solo bassoon piece of his Intro Version. The description under the video says it has “some sounds that evoke a ceremony Mayo from Sonora, México. It was premiered in Brazil, 2012.”

I really enjoyed both pieces, and wouldn’t mind looking into the Ju Jowsi sometime.


So this is Jacob Wellman.  I have no idea who this kid is, or what the piece is called, but when I googled Jacob I came up with this.  The kid is in high school, and he’s doing some really cool things.   I wish you the best of luck, Mr. Wellman.  Welcome to the bassoon world, and keep making reeds!

Meanwhile at UNT……

Video of the Week goes to our very own undergrads here in Texas, only because I promised them if they put it up on Youtube, I would make them internet famous.

Congratulations, guys. You’ve made it.

❤ Jolene.



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