Best Bassoon Week Ever! (3/3/13-3/9/13)

So, School/Recital got the best of me.  I went into a deep dark hole (aka the reed room), and never came out.   And then I had several papers due that I had procrastinated on, because of said recital.

BUT I’M BACK!  And its SPRING BREAK here at UNT, and while my holiday can’t look like this:



but looks a little more like this:

cane panda


It also means I have time to write my blog again!

I know…you’re all ecstatic.

Anyway…Things have been a little slow this month, so you haven’t missed too much, but despite the non-blogging, I did keep up on a few things 🙂


First of all, a few really amazing things have come up on Youtube in the past month.


I LOVE this.  But I’m a sucker for things with a groove, and indeed, this piece has it.  Ramble and Groove  is performed by Marcus Weidmann, a member of the Berlin Philharmonic.  You can buy the CD, and see the composer, Dan Visconti here.  Dang this piece is cool.

As much as I love music with outlandish sounds and newly-complicated rhythms, I can’t help but be amazed at how little the bassoon has been explored as an amazing instrument in different mediums, with different strengths.  That’s why I really love a piece like Visconti’s.  It just has a light vibrancy to it that the bassoon doesn’t get to do as much as I would like.

Bram van Sambeek put up a new video in the past couple of days….

Woodlands, by Sebastian Fagerlund is a precursor to his upcoming bassoon concerto, and I’m looking forward to it!

If you don’t know who Sambeek, I suggest you take a look at his CD, Kaleidoscopes

His Harlem Nocutrne is probably one of the more original and sexy things I’ve heard on the bassoon in a long time.


Cartoon Wolf Whistle


And of course, where would we be without Bassoon of the Week? I’m sure many of you are aware of the awesome goat memes filtering through youtube….well the bassoon now has one too…..

Have a happy week, everyone!  I’m going to go enjoy a bit of my spring break!




2 thoughts on “Best Bassoon Week Ever! (3/3/13-3/9/13)

  1. LOL!!! Initially, I was offended by the goat video, as such incredibly beautiful, gorgeous, pure tone deserves more than two cloven hooves up. The pitch of the last goat was so damn close though that I couldn’t help laughing! Also, I loved the first two pics you chose for this post, especially the panda. 😉

  2. Glad you enjoyed it! Also, if you look at the goat video on youtube, Sue Heineman actually made an awesomely glib comment below.

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