Best Bassoon Week Ever! (3/10/13-3/16/13)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Everyone!


I was going to have a clever picture, but I got lazy and started reed-making.  Photoshop is too hard for this bassoonist.  A’int nobody got time for that!

And seriously bassoonists, there are like, no pictures of any of you drinking beer with a bassoon in your hand.  And I know you all do it.  There are bassoon beer steins, for goodness sake!

But if you plug in “Bassoon, Irish”, into youtube, you get this nice little ditty from a folk band, Cabbage & Baggage.

And no one likes the bassoon in folk music settings more than me.  Three years as a klezmer musician will do that to anyone.  I mean, I seriously cannot get enough of it.

I just love their videos.  You can also find Cabbage & Baggage on facebook.  Go like them and see what they are up to 😉

Speaking of Klezmer, I’m sure you are all familiar with Paul Hanson, and his work with Bela Fleck and many other groups, but did some of you know of his connection with Klezmer?

Paul Hanson is a member of Davka, a klezmer band in California.

This was part of their PBS video, which you can see more of on Youtube.  Amazingly beautiful music.

Bassoon also has a great folk showing in Europe, of course.  Jasen Atanasov, a student of Dag Jansen’s  not only plays the bassoon beautifully, but does amazing things in Bulgarian folk and gypsy music.

Cool, huh?  It’s such a great sound with the accordion.  Amazing.

Even better?  Two bassoons!

Love it. I’m such a fangirl

Now for Bassoon Video of the Week! A 6 year old dancing to Sergio Azzolini.

I’m not sure if Azzolini is conducting or playing, but, um…it’s adorable.

Have a good week!


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