Best Bassoon Week Ever! (3/17/13-3/23/13)

Buenos Dias Fagotistas!  It is so cold here in Texas all my bad reeds are now good reeds, and all my good reeds have scorned my love, once again.  Hope you had a great week, because this is…


Someone needs to make me an epic graphic for that.

There were literally NO VIDEOS of new music/bassoon on youtube.  Just a bunch of Weber/Mozart/Tansman reruns.  Seriously guys.  Play something else!  Not that those aren’t great pieces.  Just…really.  (And please don’t send me hate mail…I’ve played all those pieces)

I also found this:


Which made me squeal like a little girl.  It’s now my profile picture on facebook. Seriously.


Since there are no videos to cover.  That means I get to cover….


So ok…it’s bassoon with electronics, but…go with me.  It’s all I could find.  (I search the world for these things…be more appreciative.)

Tomorrow, here at UNT, I get to play bioMechanics, a piece by Simon Hutchinson.  And it is off the hook.  I fell in love with it the minute I heard it.  It is fierce, fiery, and interesting–which I prefer in acoustic + electronic pairings.  I mean, if you are going to pair the bassoon with saxophone (as in this piece) and the computer, it better be awesome, right?  Well, Simon does not disappoint.

Here’s the Post Haste Duo playing bioMechanics.

Just be glad I’m not there listening to it with you.  Because I would be the annoying friend that’s like “This is super cool, right?” every five seconds.  The Post Haste Reed Duo is made up of Sean Fredenburg and Javier Rodriguez.  Go check out their website or their soundcloud.  Really tight, well-chosen pieces.  They have good taste.

Hutchinson wrote another piece forAaron Pergram at UO called  Doppelganger. He uses some Vivaldi and Mozart quotes in the electronics and Bassoon part in a really clever way.

If you are going to play these pieces in a real hall, I recommend amplifying yourself (which should probably go without saying for the rest of the pieces), and mixing everyone through the speakers.

Here’s another piece for bassoon and electronics by José Luis Campana called D’un geste apprivoisé…. (With a gesture tamed….)

Totally different than the last two.  Very French (it was composed at IRCAM), but has such a wistfulness in places.  I like it’s moments of silence, which is so hard for composers to do in computer music, especially.

The bassoonist in the video is  Maria Marte Ferreyra, an Argentinian Bassoonist that played in Paris.  I can’t find out that much about her other than another video on youtube of her in a group, from Argentina, playing another electronic piece, in Paris (I know….I’m lost too).  Tio III by Pedro Castillo for clarinet, bassoon, piano, and electronics.

The recording quality is bad, and the video quality is even worse, but it still sounds like an awesome piece.  I may do a little more investigating soon.

Well, since nothing cool came up this week, I searched high and low for Bassoon Video of the Week.  And it’s entitled Bassoon Suck. Which isn’t as weird as it sounds.  I’m going to have to try this, actually……

Have a great week!


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