Best Bassoon Week Ever! (3/24/13-3/30/13)

Hey Everyone!  Happy Easter/Passover/Other holiday (?)  I’m personally a Passover kind of girl, but I love bunnies, so here’s a bunny with a bassoon!



Anyway, I hope you all had the BEST BASSOON WEEK EVER!

Let’s get crackin’.

Ok, so I haven’t covered Pascal Gallois yet, because I was trying to cover some American stuff first, but I can’t avoid him any longer.  Also, I’ve been listening to him so much in the past weeks that I’m pretty sure I could point him out in a crowded room full of bassoonists.

First thing’s first.  Berio.

For those of you who don’t know who Luciano Berio is, or what Sequenza XII is……Run.  Right now.  To your nearest Grove (or Wikipedia article), and read about him.

Sequenza XII requires something special that a lot of people not only can’t do, but are opposed to it.

Circular Breathing ……DUN DUN DUN!

Circular breathing is difficult.  I’m learning it right now (to play the Berio, actually…and another piece), and I’ve gotten a lot of flack from teachers in the past for wanting to learn how.  I’ve actually had an oboe teacher tell me once that if I learn to circular breathe, I am in danger of then never being able to breathe correctly while playing ever again. Really?  Um…ok.  lol. Pretty sure there are professionals out there who learned, and are doing just fine

If you don’t exactly know what circular breathing is, it’s basically the art of breathing in while breathing out at the same time.

Here, let’s let Terry Ewell explain:






Anyway, lets take a look at the Berio Sequenza XII, which is written for, and dedicated to, Pascal Gallois.

So there it is, and it is amazing.

But then, there’s a video on Vimeo of Gallois talking about it:

Another piece written for Gallois is Torsion:Transparent Variation by Olga Neuwirth.

Guys, seriously.  If you don’t know who Olga Neuwirth is, find out.  She may not be for everyone, but for new music fangirl/fanatic like me, she is a ridiculously incredible composer. I am obsessed with her music.  All of it.

And as if the bassoon/electronics combo wasn’t enough for you, she wrote an ensemble version perfromed by Adrian Morejon and the Talea Ensemble.

Well, I think that’s all for this week!  A girl’s gotta practice ya know!

Bassoon Video of the week, is on oldie, but a goodie….

Paul Dinello and Stephen Colbert holding bassoons while they sing a stupid song.

Thanks everyone, and have a good week!


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