Best Bassoon Week Ever! (3/31/13-4/6/13)

Hey everyone!  It’s been a crazy week, but I’m finally getting the blog out (1.75 days late).

The reason it is so late, is because I changed the premise a little for this week’s blog, because something happened to me this last week that really caught me off guard.

I don’t want to get preachy, because frankly, it didn’t even cross my mind until now.  But it came up three times in the last week, that I was in fact, a woman, with a bassoon in my hand.  Oh, and that I prefer new music.

I know.

It never actually occurred to me that it might be unusual.  Or, rather, that people might think it’s unusual.

So, instead of me sitting here telling you why this is silly, and getting all crazy about it. Let’s talk a little about women bassoonists in new music.

There’s Rachel Elliott, which I actually talked about in my very first BBWE post.

Her album is really amazing, and if you follow the link, I tell you why.

Then there’s Maya Stone, who is on the Rushes album with Rachel Elliott

Maya is the professor at University of Missouri.

Then there’s Dorian Cooke, who has two solo albums.

Both of them are amazing, and have pieces just like this all over them.

There’s Christin Schillinger at Miami University, Ohio

She doesn’t have a video on Youtube, but check out her CD “Bassoon Surrounded” for bassoon and percussion

She did a master class and concert at UNT my first year.  Such a great person, and her pieces were great.  Check out her new cd.

There’s also Monica Ellis, who is incredible, and plays with the Imani Winds

She is a beast of a player, and just the nicest person.  Amazing player.

Also, while she doesn’t play new music all the time, I have an amazing teacher who is incredible at the bassoon and encourages us each day, whatever our passion.  I’m convinced Ms. Reynolds could do anything.

So suck it, guys.

😉  See you next week.


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