Best Bassoon Week Ever! (4/7/13-4/13/13)

Oy this week!  I just had one of the longest, toughest weeks of my life!  I hope you all had a great week, because this was….


I have played so much in the last couple of days, I can barely feel my face, fingers, or legs.  Sitting for 13 hours and recording music two days in a row is not fun.  Add two concerts and several rehearsals, and I am officially overwhelmed at the moment.

Lots of thing popping up on the youtubes this week!  Since UNT has been recording non-stop for the past three days, this has made my job super easy.

University of Michigan posted some videos this week of bassoonists doing cool things, including the professor, Jeffrey Lyman.

So, other than a nice little cadenza for the Mozart Concerto, this is really the only thing Schnittke wrote with bassoon in it.  And I adore Schnittke’s music.  If you want music that is super hard and barely touched in the US, go rifling through the Russian avant-garde.  Amazing, brilliant music, and some of it has hardly ever been played.

And another bassoonist premiered a piece at UMich this last sunday (April 7th).

Gary Kulesha is the composer of the three movement work.

Rachel Elliott shows up this week in a video for International Record Store Day…

And Bassoon Video of the Week goes out to Silver Breeze, the bassoon lounge act.

I’d put back a few drinks to that.

Have a good week!


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