Best Bassoon Week Ever! (4/28/13-5/4/13)

Hey everyone!  It’s finals week here at UNT, and I have been writing papers for the past two weeks.  Hope everyone is having a good week.  Cuuuuzzz….


So, there have been a lot of posts over the past week!

This is Drill Baby, Drill by Jason Noble.  It’s a little hard to hear at first, so crank up the speakers.

This piece was premiered in 2010 by the bassoonist playing, Eric Mohr.  Jason Noble is a Canadian composer.

The next one is also Eric Mohr.  This kid is busy.

This is some of Maurice Allard’s 30 Short Pieces for Bassoon.  If you don’t know who Maurice Allard is…then, please….just stop reading now. Leave my blog in defeat.  But many people don’t know he wrote these nice little pieces.  Some of them are really sweet.

This next piece is the Sonata Concertante for Bassoon and Piano by Nikos Skalkottas.  Skalkottas was a Greek composer who has this semi-tragic life story. But some of his music is amazing.

The quality is bad, sorry…not my video.  But it gives you a little taste. If you ever get a chance, and have an oboe and trumpet friend, play the Tango and Fox-trot by Skalkottas.  It is such a cool piece.  Also, the gentleman playing is Henri Roman, the professor at the Conservatoire in Mans, and plays in the Ensemble Orchestra de Paris.

The next one was sent to me by Javier Rodriguez, so I could shamelessly (but gladly) plug the Post-Haste duo 😉 This is their premier of Lanier Sammon’s Some thoughts about time. Sammon’s also just wrote a piece that Dana Jessen premiered.  

And this week’s Bassoon Video of the Week is also contemporary music, but the super totally awesome kind….with a bear suit!

In Freundschaft for bassoon by Karlheinz Stockhausen does, in fact, require the bear suit.  In Freundschaft means “my friend”, and he was thinking of his teddy bear when writing it.

I have wanted to do that piece forever, but I’m not entirely sure Ms. Reynolds would be ok with the bear suit. But I’m planning an unaccompanied recital….this might just go on that concert 🙂

Have a good week everyone!


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