Best Bassoon Week Ever! (9/29/13-10/05/13)


This is….

Best Bassoon Week Ever!

It was a long weekend of paper writing, and gigging, but let’s get to it!

Peter Kolkay premiered a new concerto for bassoon and orchestra written by Joan Tower, last Friday.  That’s exciting!  You can read the pre-performance interview here.  Sounds like fun, and I hope it went well.  Can’t wait for the recording 🙂

I found a piece by Alexander Leon , called Nibiru Cataclysm, for bassoon and piano.  He has several pieces on his list of works with bassoon in them, but this was the only one of them I could find a recording for.  It’s a beautiful piece, with some nice moments, for a composer so young (19).

Here’s a video of Dai Fujikura’s Calling for bassoon solo

Dai Fujikura’s piece was recently recorded by Rebekah Heller, the bassoonist for ICE.  Amazing work.

I have no idea what is happening in this video, but it looks like it was awesome!

Stan Jack is a bassoonist in…..Well, I’m really not sure (Japan?)  His blog is in both French and Japanese, and he went to the conservatoire in Paris.  He posts so many videos on youtube.  If anyone knows anything about him, let me know.

Video of the Week goes to David Wells, who wrote a blog this week, brought on by a video I found a while back (actually, it was a year ago),  of Klaus Thunemann playing on a jazz record.  Well, David found a video of him actually performing.  Crazy.  Can’t believe he found this, but I thought it deserved a second posting, just to make sure everyone saw it.  (Also, if you don’t follow his blog, you are crazy)

Here it is!

I still can’t believe he was this cool.

Have a great week, everyone!


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