BEST BASSOON WEEK EVER! First edition of 2014

Hi Everyone!

I am trying to finish my degree!!!

So therefore, this blog, and a couple of other things (including exercise and like, real life) took a back seat to last recital/studying for quals/freaking out.

Racketts are blowing my mind. Fo’ real ya’ll.

Still studying for quals. Really, I just started.  Studying is hard when it’s soooooo far away (or, you know….April), but I will break through that last brick wall! I will! It’s game time! Anyway, I wasn’t feeling the blog.  I wasn’t feeling much of anything besides panic. Which, has carried over the new year as well. I mean, I’m going to be done. Actually terminally out of school.  Forever. FOREVER!  But, I will not be defeated! I will get a degree!  I will find a job!  Battle cry!  BASSSSSOOOOOOONNNNNN!


Alright, let’s get to it, all, cuz this is the ….

Best Bassoon Week Ever!!

So, I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about this piece before.  But, I really believe it is one of the best pieces written for bassoon in the past 5 years, at least.  There isn’t really much that lives in it’s wheel house. It’s difficult, but so worth the practice time.  And really, isn’t that what we want?  

Dai FUJIKURA – Calling for solo bassoon.  I’m posting this version, because it shows THE SCORE.  I mean, hellooooo….I can hear all the recordings in the world, but it really doesn’t make up for seeing the score.  And what a beautiful score it is.

This was performed by Hidetaka Nakagawa.

Dai FUJIKURA – Phantom Splinter for oboe, clarinet, bassoon and electronics.  This piece is on my bucket list of pieces to play.  This piece has such a translucent quality to it; it’s almost like impressionism.  The ensemble fits in with the electronics with such quality orchestration (which is something you don’t hear very often with electronic pieces).

This was performed by Nicholas Masterson, Rebekah Heller and Joshua Rubin (of ICE)

Jesse Ronneau- Porteé for solo bassoon.  Jesse Ronneau is an Irish composer, and the performer is the incredible Pascal Gallois, of course. You can see the score here.

This next video is a little different.  Yunta is a duo for two bassoons and contrabassoon by Javier Party. I think this piece is just dark and yummy.  Its long, but would be a fun addition to a recital.  The contrabassoonist does a really incredible job (The video doesn’t say who they are).  Enjoy!


I’m out!  I hope you all have a bassoony week, and I will see you on Sunday (hopefully).  I’ll leave you with Oon, who just came out with a CD.  Buy it! It does a body good.


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