BEST BASSOON WEEK EVER! (2/3/14-2/8/14)

Hello Everyone!  I hope you are all having a good week!

I realize I’m a couple days late, but today was a snow day (sort of)!  So I took the opportunity to nail down the blog for the week.


I hope you are all keeping your reeds warm and cozy, because this is the….

Anyway…..let’s get to the videos for this week.

The Wall of Glass and Butterflies is by Matt Durant, and was premiered at the Utah Museum of Natural History.  All eleven movements are inspired by exhibits at the museum.  I’m not sure who the bassoonist is, and couldn’t find it in the source notes.

It’s too bad it’s so loud in there!

This next piece is “…so anyway, I sez to Mabel, I sez…” by Jason Barraba for wind quintet.

I’m personally not a huge fan of wind quintets (I know….blasphemy), but I actually really liked how the colors played against each other in this one.

On my constant search for bassoon + track music, I found Mist by Kyle Hovatter.

This is played by Paula Brusky, who incidentally has a large amount of videos out there about her hobby.

Paula is not only a bassoonist who promotes new music, she is also a lecturer of music business at University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

Though Mist was one of Kyle Hovatter’s pieces, his newest piece for bassoon + track is beautiful.  En Los Bosques was written in 2012, and is set to a poem by Pablo Neruda.

Time for Bassoon Video of the Week!

Trent Jacobs posted a video of him playing a tiny bassoon that was special ordered.  It is an octave above the normal bassoon and it’s adorable!

Hope you all have a good week!  😉


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