BEST BASSOON WEEK EVER!! (2/9/14-2/15/14)

Hello to the good people of Bassoonlandia!

I hope you all had a week of good reeds and good fun!  It’s been beautiful here in Texas the past couple of days.  I’m sure all of you on the East Coast have just been having so much fun in your 1millionth snowfall of the year (sorry guys, it’s actually the only time I can really gloat about living in Texas…Spring!). Anyway, I hope you are all ready, because this is the….

Yes, It was Valentines day this last week, and right now it’s President’s Day (in America), so, chocolate bassoons for everyone!

Anyway, let’s get to it.

I always search youtube, but there were so many pages of just nothing, that I had almost given up.  Then I came across this little gem.

Stephanie Liedtke released a CD in 2009, but I had never heard of her or the CD before today, when I stumbled upon this little snippet of a track.

Yannis Kyriakides– PNEuma for bassoon, piano and tape, was actually written for the PalmOS duo which is made up of Stephanie, and a cellist, and was written for bassoon, cello and piano.  The version that appears on the album is the version with tape.

She also plays the Skalkottas Concertante, the Berio Sequenza XII, and Isang Yun’s Monolog.  

Here’s a video of Ram van Sambeek playing the Monolog (I think I’ve posted this before?  But I didn’t have time to go back and look).

I love finds like this.  Now I have a whole list of composers I didn’t have before, I found the fagotnetwerk as a result, and I got to go down the bassoon rabbit hole for a little while!  Whee!

Twitter.  What would I DO without it?  I wish I could go and just stare at composer’s websites all day from all the composers I find on twitter.

@mgrafe on twitter sent me a link to his beautiful piece for bassoon, violin and string orchestra, called Janus Ponders the Cosmos.  Max Grafe is a DMA in composition at the Julliard School, and has written several things for bassoon, and worked with a couple of bassoonists.

Alright ladies and gents. This has been a tiring day (I am re-organizing my otherwise unorganized bassoon music library. oy)!  So I leave you with bassoon video of the week!

Someone. Finally. Did. It.

What Does the Fox Say, Bassoon quartet style.  Because it had to happen.

Cow goes moo…bassoon goes honk?

Shameless plugs:

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Composers!  Got a composition for bassoon, or that includes bassoon, and want me to know about it?  Send me a score, a link, soundcloud, whatever… to, or twitter, and I will try my best to get it up here.  I want to support everyone!


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