Best Bassoon Week Ever (11/2/14)

Hey Everyone!  It’s been a few weeks, but I will try to keep these going as much as I can!  I really do love this blog, but time is not on my side.  But the odds are ever in your favor this week, Bassoonists!

It’s the Best Bassoon Week Ever!

I actually had the time to do some extra sleuthing, and find some pieces not just on youtube! The first piece is by Elizabeth Nonemaker.  I’ve heard her name before, but never experienced any of her pieces.  Her soundcloud is delightful to go through and listen to some of her music.  The piece, Lines and Variations for Two Bassoons,  starts out slightly oafish, in a typical bassoon fashion, but soon takes a lovely turn.  I am a sucker for tight harmonies, and she really brings the two lines together.  I love the area at 1:50 when the tremolos come together.  Her use of the bottom of the bassoon range around 2:55 is artful, and mindful of how muddy the instrument can be especially when there is more than one. She crafts around it well. Of course, that could be as much a result of the talented bassoonists playing (unnamed) as it is her composing.

The next piece is the second movement of a three movement work entitled Desert Miniatures: Insects, by Robert McClure.  You can get the full score to the piece here. It is for three bassoons, and looks like a fun and interesting piece.  I could see this in a recital, or even at a children’s concert.  The score is not what you think it will be, and would not only be fun to play, but a great introduction to a non-traditional score to students.

Ivan Madarász is a Hungarian composer.  Colla parte for bassoon and piano is an interesting episodic piece.  Colla parte is usually a marking in a score telling the performer to perform with the solo part, or with the leading voice.  I wonder if this is directed more at the pianist of the bassoonist?  It seems as if the piano is almost following the bassoonist. Without seeing the score, I can’t quite tell the intentions of the composer.  Either way, the piece reminds me slightly of Interferences I by Boutry.  It could be that I’m just referencing the fact that the bassoonist, Bálint Mohai has another video of him performing Boutry’s piece live. I especially enjoy the end of this piece from 7:20 on.  The play between the bassoon and the piano is subtle and the playing makes me jealous of his skill.

Now for BEST BASSOON VIDEO OF THE WEEK Ok, Bassoons.  How the heck did this not go viral immediately?  This is GOLD. Thanks to this crazy kid, whoever you are, for taking a week off from making reeds to make this amazingly hilarious video.  After practicing excerpts all night long, I freaking needed this video.  Amazing.  Muah.

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